Communication, collaboration, teamwork and results.

With a high level of focus on leadership, communication and team cohesiveness, STRT works hand-in-hand with its strategic partners and portfolio companies providing senior attention, guidance, accountability and continuity throughout the fund lifecycle.  This active manager vertical focus ensures the portfolio is maximized for success and opportunities for exit — creating a superior risk mitigation strategy for LP investors.

Benjamin Douglas Ray

Benjamin Ray, Managing Partner of STRT

Mr. Ray oversees the business growth strategies for the STRT funds.  Ben’s background and expertise in communication, digital marketing, venture building, and international business allow him to create value.

He has successfully worked with national and internationally recognizable brands, and communicates effectively across disciplines during times of distress rapid growth, demonstrating skills in leadership, collaboration, and proactive investor relations. Benjamin is also known for his ability to simplify complex issues and accurately present a company’s ethics, mission, and culture to investors, stakeholders, customers, and the media.  


Chad S. Reder, M.D.M.S., Partner, STRT

Dr. Reder is an early-stage startup investor as well as managing various real estate investments.  He is also an entrepreneur, medical director, surgeon, and instructor. Having a broad range of investments, he chairs the STRT Investment Committee and is directing the criteria for the advancement of furthering innovation for the STRT Fund focused on Wellness including investments into HealthTech, BioTech, and Mental Health applications. 

Chris Schempf, Founder, Partner STRT Fund VC

Chris A. Schnepf, Partner, STRT

Mr. Schnepf is the chief liaison between STRT, the company venture team, and the portfolio startup founders focusing on accelerating the line to profitability toward a 3-5 year exit.  

STRT Investment Committee (IC)

The STRT IC stewards the charter and mitigates against potential challenges for biased agenda divergence.  The committee is well adept at governance and is in place with a pledge to uphold the following criteria:

  • Approaching every decision with a fiduciary mindset.
  • Adhering to the mandates and sector focus areas.
  • Making strong financial decisions and evaluating equity. 

STRT Innovation Initiative

The STRT EI leverages cutting-edge insights and experiences to diversify the perspectives of the leaders creating a path to the next generation of business models to stay fresh with innovation, ideas, and opportunities.


STRT has a growing number of equity co-investment relationships that account for a significant amount of growth in fundraising. This allows for greater deal selectivity and greater potential for higher returns.