Make Everything You Do Count

STRT Fund VC News 4 - innovation for the next 100 yrs

While we can’t change the past, we certainly can use the information to help guide the next steps we take.  A few months ago I became fascinated with the “Timeline of the human condition — Milestones in evolution and history.”

It’s a mind-blowing history of the known universe, and especially applicable to the STRT Fund and the portfolio companies we are investing in, knowing that the world is rapidly changing and the companies that are built for where the world is going are the ones that will have the most opportunity for success and the highest returns.

Thinking about decline and growth:

The major declines in global civilization and the top reasons people died en masse over recorded time have been: natural occurrences – volcanoes, meteors, solar flares, reverse polarization of the planet; plagues, famine, disease, viruses; lack of hygiene/infection, war, and increasing climate temps due to industrialization. 

And the major advances that contributed to growth, exploded populations, and increased longevity have to some degree if not all, been counter-actions or solutions to these problems like: medicine, trade, transportation, fuel, the ability to harness energy, and ability to harvest food.

Although advances in art, music, philosophy, and dance have created civilized culture, they haven’t mattered in the sense of basic survival.

And the way we are headed, the planet is being altered by humans in ways that we can already see in terms of rising temperatures, displaced populations, and a lack of water that will continue for years to come — all opportunities for innovation.

Most people try to do their part… but it won’t matter unless we have radical, big, big change.

When I read things like this timeline I often feel that the daily things people are concerned about like scrolling through social media, getting mad at the server in a restaurant because he forgot to bring out the guacamole with the chips, scraping ice off the window and being agitated, not finding a certain sock in the drawer, yelling at the toaster because the toast burned, etc., … are taking up time, and perpetuating life, yet not evolving or elevating our time here on the planet.

These things make life seem insignificant.

I understand what visionaries and futurists mean when they say, “think big”.

Because to alter the course of human history, we need things to advance in the areas outlined above like transportation (space), medicine (vaccines), nourishment (endless healthy food sources), limitless energy (sun, water, wind, algae), natural abundant materials (using organic natural materials to build and wear).

This is very thought-provoking and is constantly on my radar for the new companies we invest in.

What will the world be like in 10, 20, or 100 years? 

Don’t waste one more second on things that don’t matter.

Make everything count. Make everything matter. Create. Build.