Driving “What’s Next”

STRT Fund VC News 3

Driving “what’s next” through innovation. The STRT Emergence Initiative leverages cutting-edge insights and experiences to diversify the perspectives of the leaders creating a path to the next generation of innovation, ideas, and opportunities. It serves more as a younger “in the now” think-tank type group to give the STRT Fund a finger on the pulse of “what’s next”. 

For the STRT Fund and PV360 to be effective at driving value for investors and startup founders, we must look at things from many angles. There is great value in having innovative multi-generational voices in the room to offer balanced collaboration as we look to entertain “sustainable or durable technologies”.

The old by itself can become stagnant and not see how the new can help. The new by itself can be too shortsighted, lacking the history and experience to keep from chasing each shiny new thing that comes along. I believe the collaboration of multi-generational innovative thinkers will make the entire offering stronger, more balanced, and ultimately more sustainable as it will better engage broader, deeper thinking on all sides when looking at different innovations and technologies that the Fund and PV360 consider for portfolio investment.  The culmination of this type of all-encompassing multi-generational collaboration will help guide us all on our search for sustainable technologies to partner with.

I think most things in life work this way… Grandparents are wise, they’ve already been through it and know to proceed with caution and thoughtfulness. Kids are adventurous and bold, up for anything, disregarding caution because they haven’t been bitten by life or experience yet. Parents are closer to both realms and see the exponential value of the two ends working together if they can find the common ground and language to do so.

The STRT Fund Innovation Initiative is compelling and can bridge collaboration between the old and the new, the result will have significant value in guiding alignment between the right technologies built to where the world is going, enabling exponential growth in a balanced way, keeping all extremes at bay.

Wendy Schnepf, COO